Task Force Co-chair - Brian Moore, GFF
Task Force Co-chair - Jack Gryczynski, JHP Architecture

For meeting dates and locations, please check the Task Force Meeting events page. Details and locations are posted regularly. For more information, please contact [email protected]


The Urban Design Task Force considers urban design as creating places where “people want to be” – where they are attracted to and are comfortable in; and where they want to stay and reinvest.

Accessibility to abundant trees, trails, bikeways, creeks or greenbelts – or simply green infrastructure or native landscapes is essential. These features also combine to provide a framework for exhibiting best practices for green storm water and transportation infrastructure and are integral to the fabric of the public and private realms.

This includes cities, towns, neighborhoods, commercial areas, open spaces and trails. We are particularly concerned with promoting good urban design and public policy that results in an environment built using sustainable development policies and consisting of good quality and form. In addition, access to affordable housing and the prevalence of poverty have substantial impacts on the stability of communities. Consequently, this task force is focused on promoting quality housing, urban places, and public policies that result in supportive surroundings for sustainable neighborhoods, and commercial development and redevelopment.

The Urban Design Task Force is also charged with:

  • Submitting Monthly Summary Reports
  • Creating and submitting an annual Operating Plan
  • Conducting bi-monthly Lunch and Learn sessions throughout the year
  • Coordinating at least one Membership Breakfast Program
  • Identifying, analyzing and preparing a position statement on one or more issues that affect Urban Design in the Region
  • Authoring letters to the editor as appropriate